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Client Comments

"Lissa, I love you!  You are the most professional travel agent and agency I have come across my entire short life.  I had too much fun, and the pack I was with really enjoyed the trip.  Everything we [the group] did, we all did together and with each other.  I can't wait to see the pics and get the invite for the next trip.  I'm so glad our paths crossed.  To you I say, Thank you very much."                                                                                   -Charlotte Terry, Houston TX
I had a wonderful time.  It was a pleasure meeting you - awesome people!!!  Again, thanks.  You're a wonderful host."                                                                      -Stacey Trice, Chicago IL
"The entire trip was excellent. It was like being on an ocean cruise because everything was there for you at a moments notice."                                                   Frances D. Hill, Sumter SC
"I felt as if I was in paradise.  I will travel with the group again!  Hopefully soon!"
Eva M. Gordon, Columbia SC
"Thank you.. I am anxiously awaiting our next experience."     --Frances H. Tillmon, Columbia SC
"My travel agent worked very hard to ensure that everyone was happy.  Great trip!!
Wesley Williams, Steger IL
"MARVELOUS!  I FELT SPECIAL!"                                              Johnsey McReynolds, Bellwood IL
"Great opportunity.  Wonderful service.  I have recommended your company to others!
Karren Gordon, Columbia SC
"I always use her (travel agent) when I travel.  They find rooms when I am told there are none.  And I recommend whenever I can."                                              David L. Spearman, Chicago IL
My trip to Punta Cana "was the best vacation I ever had.  Thank you."
Shirley Fox-Iddrisu, Chicago IL


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