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Designs by Strawberry, Inc.® opened its doors in November 1999 as a small-order (email, mail, fax and telephone) quick-print business.  Through our many clients, we began to tap into the travel industry (initially, by request only).  In 2004, we added a full service travel agency to assist our clients in partaking of once-in-a-lifetime and annual   journeys, across the globe.

How does printing lead to travel?  It was a unique set of circumstances that led us this destiny.  As more people became discouraged with the lack of excelled customer service and detailed direction from traditional travel agencies, we were asked to refer our clients to agencies that could give them the service that mimicked ours.  Still our clients weren’t completely satisfied.  As we began to investigate the complaints, we realized an opportunity to excel in the travel industry.  As our business was geared to the client from the very beginning, adding our small touch of class to travel was an easy transition.

From economy travel, we recognized that luxurious and unique travel destinations were left unexplored by the masses and often hidden to middle-America.  In late 2005, we graduated our services to affordable and high-end luxury objectives.  The success of our travel services has grown exponentially.  Although slightly more costly than the average vacation, our personalized luxury journeys aide in affording our distinguished client base the ability to visit new places in a whole new way.

We maintain our office, and conduct business, from an isolated location that affords us the opportunity to research, schedule and organize fabulous retreats for individuals, couples and groups (large or small), discretely.  Our well-trained and professional staff focus solely on your desires.   Although we have future plans to launch a storefront location for the “money-is-no-object” travelers, we will continue to maintain our mail, telephone, fax and email only location for those of you who are finance-conscious in these fluctuating economic times.

Quality is the only option, nothing is impossible  and our professional friendly service is prevailing.  Simply email us with your desired location, preferred travel dates, spending limit and number of persons traveling.  We will do the rest.



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