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Frequently Asked Questions

What is INCLUDED in a TRAVEL PACKAGE?  Everything that you request will be included in the quoted itinerary, to include applicable taxes, service fees, port charges and other incidental costs required by our vendors.  Those items that have been considered in your itinerary will be detailed in your quote.  If you have questions regarding items not listed on your quote, please Contact Us immediately.   If it is not specified in writing from us, it is probably not included.

Can I obtain a SEPARATE QUOTE for each individual item included in a package?  No, packages are quoted as a whole and not itemized.

Are GRATUITIES included in my quote?  Whenever possible, we will include gratuities in your package at your request.

What is the REFUND policy?  Prepaid itineraries are non-refundable and often non-transferrable.  Airline/Private Jet Charters are non-refundable AND non-transferrable as a rule.  It is highly recommended the you purchase travel protection/insurance if you have concerns regarding unplanned cancellations or alterations to your itinerary.

What is TRAVEL PROTECTION/TRAVEL INSURANCE?  This is a policy that offers a variety of insurances, depending on the policy selected and the carrier.  Travel protection or travel insurance policy options may include any one or combination of of the following:  trip interruption, trip cancellation, medical, dental, baggage delay, rental care coverage, evacuation and more.  Talk with your insurance carrier or one of our knowledgeable professionals to assist in providing you the information to be able to make an informed decision.

Are PASSPORTS required for all international travel?  Yes.  It is the responsibility of the individual traveler to obtain a valid passport PRIOR to international travel.  U.S. passport information and forms can be found on the Passport page of this website.

Do you offer PAYMENT PLANS?  Yes, depending on the destination and vendor requirements.

What does DOUBLE OCCUPANCY mean?  Most vendors offer pricing dependent based on two or more persons traveling together.  You do have the option of traveling solo however, the package cost will be slightly higher for one person than for two traveling together.  In essence, with double occupancy, the cost for transportation and accommodations is divided between the two people.  When you travel unaccompanied, the entire cost rests solely with you. 


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